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Anshul Dawar
2 min readSep 21, 2021


My website snapshot

In this article, I share my recent experience of creating my design portfolio that took me 3 years.

It all started on one finest day when I was browsing Youtube as usual and I find Mr. Ben burns was live creating his portfolio himself on webflow.

And it hit me

If Ben Burns can learn webflow and create his portfolio, and he’s a LEGEND / Digital creative director at Blind, then why the hell did I quit learning webflow!

A Lil recap: Last year when the pandemic hit, I added webflow in my “Learning list” but I find it hard and didn’t complete the course.

But this time I know...

As a freelancer, I need a website!

But Webflow was not my first choice, obviously. I don't know webflow [means I have to learn it and apply my learning to practice as well{wait, what}]

As an Adobe subscriber, you can publish your site with Adobe for FREE.

but it was too easy and as a THE FUTUR channel subscriber, I don’t like easy things.

The real reason is: Adobe’s only got a few templates and you can not create custom sites and as a web designer you don’t use templates at least not for your own portfolio.

My last portfolio (published in 2018, and it's still live

And I started working on my website and 2 days later I completed the designs. The only thing left is to learn webflow and create it on webflow.

And after few weeks* later my website was Live!!

*(7 really long weeks)

Here is the link:

My final thoughts: Webflow is fun and not that hard really, you just have to commit yourself to learning and it feels like another Figma. And If you’re creating your portfolio for the first time don’t overthink it.

Just publish it, let yourself be visible on google. You can always make changes or redesign later.



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