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Anshul Dawar
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Dated (12/31/2017)

I want to start this with myself I’m Anshul, final year undergrad, and my major isn’t designing it is Information Technology actually, like the most number of people on this planet who don’t know what they want to pursue and end up doing Engineering, but thanks to god before the beginning of my final year I started designing and I realized this is what I want in my life along with being a musician.

I got my Dribble Invitation

After 15 days after the 7th-semester exam, i got my Dribble Invitation, I want to create something really awesome for my debut shot because I know first shot is the most important shot like you got your followers and really good designers like your shot. So, I decided to create a Gif image using adobe aftereffects for that I started learning aftereffects and created an illustration.

Illustration for Debut Project

And I completed a quick tutorial and finally made this!! Awesome right?

Sad it on Dribble I got an error that I need my 400x300 or 800x600 pixels resolution to upload my project, and I have created it on the desktop resolution, so after few changes, i end up doing this at night.

My Actual Dribble Shot

My Actual Dribble shot after I submitted I realized it looks bad with those negative space. Even I am about to delete it, But, I realize I learned a lot in this project. So, this is my story how I completed my Dribble Debut project, and carry on posted awesome shots on Dribble.

So, this is my story how i completed my Dribble Debut project, and carry on posted awesome shots on Dribble.



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